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how to debug a Ruby on Rails script in NetBeans

So you’ve written some helper script or possibly a script that’s ran by cron to do some background work on your site (updating full text indexes, sending out notification emails, generating reports, etc) but you can’t find a way to debug it in rails so that it hits your breakpoints. Annoying.

What I did to solve this was first to create a rake task that creates other rake tasks based on script name. This way you can debug it the way you would debug any rake task (and it’s also convenient to be able to execute scripts from the rake context menu anyways.) This allows you to run any script by right clicking on the project in Netbeans, and going to “Run/Debug Rake Task->script->your_killer_script.rb”

Place this in a file called scripts.rake and place it in your lib/tasks folder

require 'find'

namespace :scripts do
  Find.find("#{RAILS_ROOT}/script/") do |p|
    if File.file?(p) && p !~ /(\.svn-base|\.netbeans-base)$/
      desc "Run #{File.basename(p)}"
      task File.basename(p, "*") => :environment do
        load p

Then, right click on your project and hit “Run Rake Task->Refresh List”

You should now be able to right click on your project and hit “Debug Task Rake Task->script->your_killer_script.rb”

It should hit any breakpoints you have set. Happy debugging!

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