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Missing ExceptionNotifiable module with exception_notification plugin

It looks like the exception_notification plugin is undergoing a pretty big overhaul to get it working well with rails3. The official git repository for that plugin only has one branch, master. What should you do for your existing rails2 applications that are not ready for migration to rails3?

If you are getting something somewhat like this:

rake aborted!
uninitialized constant ApplicationController::ExceptionNotifiable
.../rails/activesupport/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:102:in `const_missing'

You can fix it by using commit e8b603e523c14f145da7b3a1729f5cc06eba2dd1 of that plugin.

Something like this should do the trick:

cd vendor/plugins/exception_notification
git checkout -b rails2 e8b603e523c14f145da7b3a1729f5cc06eba2dd1

That particular commit is from November 13, 2008. It is the last commit not having anything to do with rails3, and it is a very stable commit and unlikely to need modification for existing projects.

if you are using externals to manage your subprojects, you can quickly fix it like this (from the main project directory):

ext freeze exception_notification e8b603e523c14f145da7b3a1729f5cc06eba2dd1

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  • By fujimura 01/29/2010 at 01:05AM

    really helpful article. thank you so much!

  • By Matt 02/19/2010 at 08:14AM

    The github repository has a stable branch for Rails 2.3 (and also a tag for pre-2-3).

    You can install the 2-3 branch by doing “script/plugin install git:// -r 2-3-stable”.

  • By Miles 02/19/2010 at 09:38AM

    Thanks Matt

    Before making this post I think I checked github for other branches and only saw master. So maybe that’s a new branch? I can’t remember if I checked for tabs.

    Thanks again for the info, using that branch tip is definitely better than the direct commit sha1.

  • By lafeengasia 07/16/2013 at 02:19AM

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  • By devonrobinson 08/07/2013 at 09:49AM

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    School denies charges

    UH refuted the accusations in a prepared statement released Friday afternoon.

    “University practice is to not comment on pending litigation, however, the University is looking forward to vigorously defending its actions.”

    Michael, an UH employee for the last 16 years, said he believes NCAA rules were violated.

    “Yes they have, because they wanted me to go home and sit down and take a payment for not doing any work,” said Michael, who was inducted into the UH Athletics Hall of Honor in 2004 and has his No. 42 jersey retired at Hofheinz Pavilion. “I was told as long as my son is at the University of Houston the contract would be good.”

    During a meeting in late May, Michael said he was informed by head coach James Dickey that he no longer would be director of basketball operations - a position he held the past seven years - and would directly report to Dunn.

    As part of the reassignment, Michael was told he would handle community service projects from home. He was then asked by Dunn to clean out his office of personal belongings and turn in keys to the university’s Athletic Alumni Center and Hofheinz Pavilion by May 31, according to the lawsuit.

    “It was clear Mr. Dunn did not want Mr. Young on campus and that he would be paid to sit at home,” the lawsuit said.

    Young signed the new one-year contract, which kept his base salary at $64,340, on May 30.

    Shortly after signing the contract, Young “felt uneasy” about accepting a salary for a job he wasn’t doing, according to the lawsuit. He refused the reassignment May 31, ending a more than two-decade relationship that included three trips to the Final Four as a player in the 1980s.

    Refusing payments

    Michael, who remains a UH employee, said he has not accepted any payment from the school since May 31, the end of NBA All Star T Shirts his old contract.

    “They sent me a check and I sent it back,” Young said. “I don’t know why they are still trying to hold me with some type of employment at the University of Houston, but we’re going to find that out.”

    Subsequently, Joseph left the basketball program and announced June 28 he would transfer to Oregon. Michael said the circumstances surrounding his son’s departure from UH will be part of a waiver petition to the NCAA for him to play immediately next season.

    Young is also seeking $2,100 in attorney’s fees and court costs.

    “I tried to make the situation work,” he said. “I’ve been involved there since I was kid. I tried to make the situation work, but there was no way it could obviously work.”


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  • By devonrobinson 08/22/2013 at 07:15PM

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  • By andreasmith 08/23/2013 at 05:07AM

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    All of this could be a hot mess, but Barlow is adept at combining unexpected genres: His first novel, “Sharp Teeth,” was about werewolves in Los Angeles, told entirely in verse. On his second time out as a novelist, Barlow easily keeps all the balls in the air (while balancing on stilts and whistling a happy tune). The blend of James Bond, folk tale, Gogol’s humor and surrealism with a corny French detective and a young man’s love story all improbably works.

    The voice of this book is straightforward, light and warm. Stuck on a stuffy subway, Will “distracted himself by recalling the night he met Zoya on the metro. He remembered her little smudge of a black eye, how surprising it had been when she spoke to him and how he’d thought about asking her out for a drink but hadn’t, because he’d been too tired. He suspected that would be the scene he took home with him as his mental postcard of Paris, a vision of talking with a pretty girl alone at night on an empty train.” And where Will is full of feeling, the police detective Vidot can’t help be funny: He’s upstanding, valiant, proud, slightly pretentious while being a flea.

    Barlow goes [url=]Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys[/url] all-in on each story line: Poor Vidot hitches his way across the city on the bellies of dogs, an adventure relayed with great physical detail. Will and Oliver try to deliver the CIA goods amid a baffling scrim of double crosses that tap dances among a mysterious pharmacy, a jazz trio, a pair of Russian assassins and a blond American WASP. Will and Zoya connect, explicitly; the book isn’t coy about sex. The witches’ history unfolds richly too.

    To propel things along, the ghosts of three witches, old colleagues of Elga and Zoya’s, comment on the events like a Greek chorus. In verse, of course.

    Writing these free-form poems, some of which go on for pages, is something an author undertakes only if it’s fun. A real joy in the storytelling process comes through as well in the whimsical detours and characterizations.

    As literary nerds will recognize, Oliver’s ridiculous dual life a government agent who runs a literary journal is a riff on the Paris Review. One co-founder, Peter Mattheissen, was actually in the CIA. Another, the writer George Plimpton, served as the model for the charismatic spy with an endless supply of anecdotes.

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  • By amykatherine 08/23/2013 at 09:06AM

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Wallace may have added fuel to the fire when he told the New York Times in his staunch pro-segregation stance, “What this country needs is a few first-class funerals, and some political funerals, too.” Then came November 1963. President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. It occurred on a Friday, undoubtedly the saddest Friday in the history of this country. The United States wept, while the rest of the world was in utter disbelief. When Vice President Lyndon Johnson assumed the Oval Office after Kennedy’s death, the new president said, “No memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently honor President Kennedy’s memory than the earliest possible passage of the civil rights bill for which he fought so long.” Also in November 1963, this nation’s official artist of the common person, Norman Rockwell, produced a much-admired oil-on-canvas painting titled, “The Problem We All Live With.” It features a poignant scene representing Ruby Bridges, all of 6 years old and wearing pigtails, a white dress with white socks and white shoes. Bridges, a black girl, is walking with the protective escort of federal marshals - two in front of her and two behind her. It was her first day at William J. Frantz Elementary School in the 9th Ward of New Orleans from 1960. Yes, Ruby Bridges desegregated that school - and yes, at age 6. The word “nigger” is scrawled on the wall near a splotch dripping in red as she walks with a book and 12-inch ruler in hand. That wall symbolized the angry white mobs that Bridges faced. What’s conspicuous about the painting is that Rockwell, known for his advocacy of tolerance and equality, only shows the four marshals from the shoulders down to the ground. No face shots of them as anonymity was Rockwell’s objective. This painting can be viewed at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, believe it. In fact, the same can be said for one unparalleled March on Washington, too. Priceless … ABOUT THE WRITER Gregory Clay is assistant sports editor for McClatchy-Tribune News Service, 700 12th Street NW, Suite 1000, Washington, D.C. 20005; email:; (202) 383-6091.

  • By sabrinaroseann 08/24/2013 at 11:12AM

    ANCHORAGE The Anchorage School District plans to spend more than $6 million in state legislative grants on security upgrades to every public elementary, middle and high school in the city, starting this fall. The changes come from a review of the safety of Anchorage’s schools conducted after the Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012. The district must strike a balance between making Anchorage schools as safe as possible and preserving their openness to the community, administrators say. “(Principals) do not want to present the image of a fortress or a bunker for their schools,” said Mike Abbott, the district’s operations chief. “But they also recognize they have the responsibility and motivation to keep students and themselves safe.” For now that means panic buttons, front doors that can lock electronically and more surveillance cameras. There are no plans for bullet-proof glass, metal detectors or arming citizen volunteers. After the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the district hired a former Anchorage Police Department captain and school security head, Gardner Cobb, to lead a review of security procedures. In February 2013, Cobb and the reviewers came back with mixed news: Anchorage schools, they found, are some of the [url=]baltimore ravens jerseys wholesale[/url] most secure in the nation in their ability to “lockdown” quickly. Emergency plans are in place in every school in the district and faithfully practiced in drill scenarios by teachers, students and administrators. Some of that is due to the fact that the district has faced what security experts call an “active attacker” scenario before. In May 2001, a man with a history of psychiatric illness attacked children waiting to get in to Mountain View Elementary School with a fillet knife, slashing four young boys and horrifying the community. All the children survived. In the aftermath of the incident the district made a “significant investment” in outfitting every school with the capability to lock down classrooms, Abbott said. “We retrofitted virtually every classroom in the district,” he said. “It took a couple years and several million dollars and we remain one of the best prepared in the nation in that way.” Weak spots still remain, the reviewers said in a report to state Commissioner of Education Mike Hanley. The district found that 31 buildings needed upgraded intercoms, 16 elementary schools didn’t have basic video surveillance equipment and several elementary schools weren’t designed to let office staff monitor traffic in and out the front door. The district won’t describe the security weaknesses of individual schools. The district [url=]sf 49ers jerseys[/url] asked the legislature for $8.5 million to shore up surveillance, communications and alarm systems and received $6.4 million. The Anchorage School Board approved the spending without dissent at its meeting Monday night Some of the projects planned with the money include adding panic buttons that trigger an alarm directly at the Anchorage Police Department dispatch center. They will be the first alarms in the city hard-wired directly to the APD, Abbott said. Every elementary school will also get front doors that can be locked remotely by office staff in case of a threat. Intercoms and radios will be replaced and upgraded to allow all classrooms to communicate with the office in an emergency. The scale of the project is huge, said Abbott. “We’re going to touch every building.” Most of the work should be done by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. The changes will be to the buildings, not policies. Volunteers with guns will not be allowed to patrol Anchorage schools, as the National Rifle Association suggested. And teachers will not be given an exception to the “no firearms on school property” rule. In January, Anchorage Rep. Bob Lynn, a Republican, proposed a bill into allow school districts to arm teachers and other staff, but even with three other sponsors [url=]sf 49ers jerseys[/url] – Republican Reps. Gabrielle LeDoux, Doug Isaacson and Tammie Wilson – the bill never got a hearing. Current law already would allow teachers without a felony record to carry guns with permission from administration, but after discussing the idea with police chief Mark Mew, the district decided that the benefits of arming volunteers or teachers wouldn’t outweigh the risks, Abbott said. Lake Otis Elementary School principal Doug Gray said he thinks a lot about safety at his school, attended by about 400 students. “I feel good about it,” he said. “I think we run a pretty secure building.” There are drills and safety committees in place, he said. The school will be getting more surveillance cameras. The trick, he said, is to make sure parents, neighbors and community members still feel welcomed as they walk through the doors – even if they’re fortified by locks and buzzers

    Reach Michelle Theriault Boots at or 257-4344. Safety first Security upgrades for Anchorage schools bull; “Duress alarms” that alert Anchorage Police headquarters for every school building bull; Electronically-operable front doors for all elementary schools bull; Intercom and radio improvements to allow for two-way communication between classrooms and administrators at every school building bull; Video surveillance at all elementary schools bull; Remodeled front door areas at several schools

  • By andreasmith 08/24/2013 at 04:50PM

    Calendar Today聲 Adult Jewish Prayerbook Hebrew Course Taught by Rabbi Bruce Diamond from 7-8 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays for 10 weeks, is for students who have the ability to read Hebrew who will learn to translate key words in frequently recurring Hebrew prayerbook selections and identify the themes and structures of these readings. Tuition is $100. Community Free Synagogue, 8210 Cypress Lake Drive, south Fort Myers. 466-6671. Sunday聲 Lemonfest 2013 Free backpacks, school supplies, food, prizes, games, rock climbing and more. Join us for free family fun and celebrate the beginning of school. Go to Backpacks and school supplies for children grades K-12 with proof of enrollment in school. Giveaway begins at 2 p.m. while supplies last. Child must be present to receive school supplies and backpack. 2-6 p.m. Naples Christian Church, 8000 Goodlette Road N, Naples, 597-4411. free. 聲 Concerned Persons Group Coping with Loved One聮s Life-controlling Problem is for loved ones of a person in any type of life-controlling problem, substance abuse, eating disorder, gambling or sexual addiction, etc. Learn how not to enable them and how to handle the consequences we suffer from anothers聮 problems. Meets in room 204. 5:30-7 p.m. Faith Assembly of God, 7101 Bayshore Road, North Fort Myers. free. 543-2700. 聲 Insight Group at Faith Assembly Discovering the path to Christian Character and Integrity. Insight helps participants identify and walk in Biblical understanding of a life-issue; whether in dealing with one they may have or in knowing how to avoid them. Since most people-if not all-are dealing with some area of struggle, this can benefit anyone who is open to the Lord working in their life. Everyone is encouraged to take this course which meets in room 201. 5:30-7 p.m. Faith Assembly of God, 7101 Bayshore Road, North Fort Myers. free. 543-2700. 聲 Stepping Into Freedom Overcoming Life-Controlling Problems, this group helps you in develop spiritual roots and steadfastness in Christ so you can confidently master the problems you encounter. For anyone who [url=]Cheap Oklahoma Sooners Jerseys[/url] deals with drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, gambling, co-dependency or addictions of any kind. Meet in room 206. 5:30-7 p.m. Faith Assembly of God, 7101 Bayshore Road, North Fort Myers. free. 543-2700. Monday聲 A Summer 聯Pathways Through the Sacred Writings聰 6-7 p.m. Mondays through Aug. 19 Rabbi Bruce Diamond teaches a 10-week course on the Ketuvim, writings that make up the third section of the Tanakh, the Jewish scriptures. The Jewish Bible is comprised of 3 sections: the Torah (5 Books of Moses), the Neviim (the Prophets) and the Ketuvim (The Writings). The first letters of each section are put together to form an acronym: TaNaKh. The Ketuvim include Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and I and II Chronicles. Formal Jewish worship draws heavily on the Psalms, while several of the other works are read throughout the year in the synagogue. This survey course samples each of the sacred texts, affording the student a useful overview of the Ketuvim, also known in Greek as the Hagiographa, the 聯Sacred Writings.聰 聯Pathways Through the Sacred Writings聰 offered at the Community Free Synagogue聮s meeting place in the classroom annex of the Annunciation [url=]Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys[/url] Greek Orthodox, 8210 Cypress Lake Drive in south Fort Myers. Students requested to bring a Bible. no charge. 466-6671. Community Free Synagogue, 8210 Cypress Lake Drive, south Fort Myers. no charge. Wednesday聲 Basic Hebrew Literacy Class Rabbi Bruce Diamond teaches from 6-7 p.m., once a week for 10 weeks Wednesdays, which began June 19 in Annunciation聮s classroom annex with the goal to read Hebrew with a measure of fluency. $50. Community Free Synagogue, 8210 Cypress Lake Drive, south [url=]Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys[/url] Fort Myers. 466-6671. 聲 Beth Moore Bible Study of Psalms Join Beth Moore, a well known women聮s Bible study leader, in a journey that explores Psalms 120-134 and come to a greater intimacy with God. 6:15-8:15 p.m. Wednesdays through Aug. 28. St. Michael Lutheran Church, 3595 Broadway, Fort Myers, 218-1469. $15 for workbook.

  • By amykatherine 08/25/2013 at 03:36AM

    A Danish Muslim leader who seven years ago travelled the Muslim world fuelling the uproar over newspaper caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad is back in the headlines in after doing an about-face on the issue. Once a leading critic of the Danish cartoons, which sparked fiery protests in Muslim countries, Lebanese-born Ahmad Akkari now says the Jyllands-Posten newspaper had the right to print them. His unexpected change of heart has received praise from pundits and politicians in recent weeks, though some question his sincerity. It has also disappointed some in the country’s [url=]baltimore ravens jerseys wholesale[/url] Muslim minority who were deeply offended by the cartoons. Akkari, now 35, was the spokesman for a group of imams who led the protests against the drawings in Denmark. They travelled to Lebanon, Egypt and Syria to elicit support, saying the Danish government wouldn’t listen to their concerns. Their journeys helped turn the dispute into an international crisis. Dozens were killed in weeks of protests that included violent attacks [url=]latest sports jerseys[/url] against Danish missions in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Tiny Denmark found itself on a collision course with the Muslim world 鈥?something Akkari now regrets. “I want to be clear today about the trip: It was totally wrong,” Akkari said this week. “At that time, I was so fascinated with this logical force in the Islamic mindset that I could not see the greater picture. I was convinced it was a fight for my faith, .” He said he’s still a practising Muslim but started doubting his fundamentalist beliefs after a 2007 trip to Lebanon, where he met Islamist leaders. “I was shocked. I realized what an oppressive mentality they have,” Akkari said. A year later, he moved to Greenland, the desolate Danish Arctic [url=]randy moss 49ers jersey[/url] island, where he worked in a school for two years. “I had plenty of time to read and write. And think,” said Akkari, who has shaved off the beard he used to wear. Islamic law generally opposes any depiction of the prophet, even favourable ones, for fear it could lead to idolatry. Arguing that such religious sensitivities should not limit the freedom of speech, Jyllands-Posten in 2005 invited Danish cartoonists to draw the prophet. At the time, Akkari joined Muslim hardliners demanding an apology from the paper and action against it by the government. He appeared to advocate violence against a more moderate Danish Muslim in a secret TV recording, but later said it was just a joke. Akkari now says printing the drawings was OK and that his reaction at the time was wrong. Last week he apologised in person to one of the cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard, who has faced multiple death threats and murder attempts from extremists. Many Muslims consider Westergaard’s drawing, which depicts Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban, as the most offensive. “I met a man who has converted from being an Islamist to become a humanist who understands the values of our society,” Westergaard said of Akkari. “To me, he is really sincere, convincing and strong in his views.” Akkari’s former colleagues in the Islamic Society of Denmark are not impressed, and have reportedly accused him of being an attention-seeker trying to get back into the limelight. Group spokesman Bilal H Assaad declined to comment on Akkari on Thursday but said: “It is still not OK to publish drawings of Muhammad. We have not changed our position.”

  • By devonrobinson 08/25/2013 at 06:37AM

    The signed free agent guard O.J. Mayo on Saturday, hoping he will add some much-needed offensive punch to a roster that is searching for some after a summer of upheaval. The Bucks agreed to terms on a three-year, $24 million contract with Mayo last week. But thanks to a series of moves that general manager has in the works, the Bucks had to wait until Saturday to make the contract official. The 25-year-old Mayo averaged 15.3 points for the last season, and he should have no trouble finding shots in this new-look Bucks lineup. Hammond executed a sign-and-trade deal with the Suns and Clippers that sent to Los Angeles and Monta Ellis could soon be following Redick out the door in Milwaukee. Ellis is reportedly set to join the Mavericks in Mayo’s place and the Bucks appeared to be moving on from the other half of their shoot-first backcourt when they signed restricted free agent point guard , who played for new coach in Atlanta, to an offer sheet to replace . But the Hawks matched that deal on Saturday night, leaving Milwaukee with few options for a starting point guard beyond Jennings, who has played the first four years of his career with the Bucks. Ellis and Jennings were far and away the leaders in field goal attempts for the Bucks last season, and with neither one guaranteed to return Mayo should get plenty of opportunities to show that he is capable of carrying the scoring load for an entire season. After spending his first four seasons with the , Mayo hoped to cash in big on the free-agent market last summer. But the money dried up quickly across the league, and he wound up taking a deal with the Mavericks that paid him more than $4 million last season. He opted out of his two-year deal to test the waters once again, and for a moment [url=]Minnesota Timberwolves T Shirts[/url] it appeared that he could be stuck on the outside looking in for a second straight summer. Mayo’s name was near the top of the list of available shooting guards, a list that also included Redick and Ellis from the Bucks and from the . Mayo was inundated with attention when the market opened on July 1, speaking to the , Clippers, Bucks and several other teams. The Clippers pulled off a sign-and-trade that brought Redick to Los Angeles and the Wolves did the same to land Martin from Houston. With the Bucks getting nowhere in talks to bring Ellis back, Hammond shifted his sights to Mayo. In Milwaukee, Mayo will immediately become an offensive focal point like he was in the first few months of last season in Dallas while star sat out with a knee injury. Even if Jennings returns, there are few other options to generate big-time scoring on the Bucks roster. They added steady veteran point guard in a trade with the Timberwolves earlier this week, but still were looking for the kind of player who can get to the basket and score in transition. Mayo seems to fit that bill. He shot nearly 45 percent from the field, which was the second-highest mark of his [url=]Los Angeles Clippers LOGO T Shirts[/url] career, and showed flashes of potential to be a go-to scorer during the early part of last season while the Mavericks waited for Nowitzki’s return. He averaged 20.9 points and shot 52.9 percent from 3-point range in the first month of last season, including a 40-point game at Houston on Dec. 8. Mayo shot a career-best 40.7 percent from 3-point range last season for the Mavericks, but his production dipped noticeably as the season wore on. Nowitzki returned to the lineup and reclaimed his spot as the Mavericks’ No. 1 option and Mayo’s opportunities, and consistency, decreased. The Bucks have Ersan Ilyasova, who averaged more than 17 points per game, in the front court, but there are few offensive threats on the rest of the roster. emerged as one of the best defensive players in the league last season, but his offensive game is still raw. showed some promise as a rookie last year, but likely is not ready to assume a major role yet. and have also agreed to terms on deals but are role players. Now Hammond and Jennings have a delicate situation to navigate. Do the Bucks try to go back to the point guard who once was billed as a franchise player after going hard after his replacement? And does Jennings look to return to the Bucks, who desperately need point guard help, or does he continue to wait for a big offer from another team and risk being left out in the cold when the free agent market settles? If neither side wants to commit long term, a possible compromise would be Jennings accepting the $4.3 million qualifying offer on his contract, playing out the season and becoming an unrestricted free agent next season.

    Follow Jon Krawczynski on Twitter:


  • By amykatherine 08/26/2013 at 10:39AM

    The has shone a spotlight on brutal investment banking working conditions, particularly the “all-nighter” culture, that can be traced back to the . The deregulation of the markets in 1986 saw the Square Mile move almost overnight from a laid-back, collegiate atmosphere to a cut-throat, high-octane culture, as foreign investment banks stampeded into the arena. Banking giants such as Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan muscled their way into the City, snapping up blue-blooded broking and trading firms at will, and bringing with them all of the venal, turbo-charged traits that had helped them become such major players in the USA and beyond. While the old guard [url=]san francisco 49ers 52 jerseys women[/url] of the Square Mile balked at the invasion of the brash upstarts 鈥?mourning the end of the three-hour lunchtime drinking sessions 鈥?the money and power on offer did a great deal to soften the blow. But as the City’s clout grew, so too did the pressure on new recruits to perform round-the-clock for their bosses. By the time , there was no question what had to be done to rise through the ranks. Beginning as a lowly postroom worker, stuffing contract notes into envelopes and running errands at the beck-and-call of the brokers and managers, I was told early on to make myself available at all times, if I wanted any chance of progressing my career. Ascending each rung of the ladder was a lengthy process and not a pleasant one at that. Once I was made the head of our team of juniors, I was ordered to use my position to keep in line those below me in the pecking order, despite the fact that they were my friends. By day I was chained to my desk, expected to provide a hair-trigger response to any barked command, and nights were no better either. I had to keep two mobile phones on me wherever I was, in order to service clients wanting to trade in US or Asian markets, which were open long past closing time in London. Dinners with friends, romantic nights in with my girlfriend, cup games watching Arsenal at Highbury 鈥?they were all regularly punctured by a shrill ring telling me it was time to drop everything, snap into gear, and execute six- and seven-figure trades down the line. The fiscal rewards made it seem worthwhile at the time, but on reflection the total subservience to my bosses and my transformation into a money-hungry, power-crazed City clone were the appalling consequences of my deal with the banking devil. The expectation to wine, dine, and to my clients took its physical toll as much as anything else. For all that, it seemed the height of decadence in the heat of the moment. Ultimately, putting the markets before anything else in my life was an inevitable result of the career I’d chosen, but as in , such an attitude can have the most awful of consequences. For all the tears that are shed for Erhardt and the short-term attention that is focused on the City’s work practices by press and politicians alike, the truth is that nothing will change if the choice is left to the banks to make. As the showed, the interns themselves almost always feel powerless to stand up for their rights, for fear of their coveted position being passed to another willing semi-slave who will gladly fill their shoes. In this respect, banks are not alone in their abuse of their juniors and interns: plenty of charities, media groups, supermarkets [url=]baltimore ravens #72 jerseys cheap[/url] and other non-City firms were all exposed for similarly-reprehensible behaviour, and only firm action by legislators made them change their ways. It is unlikely the public horror at Erhardt’s [url=]baltimore ravens jerseys wholesale[/url] fate will prevent another wave of would-be bankers signing up to the likes of Merrill Lynch, and each and every one of them deserves protection to prevent a similar tragedy occurring. That protection needs to be urgently enacted in law, and if any good can come of this, it will be to expedite a regulatory process that has been ignored and overlooked for far too long.

  • By devonrobinson 08/26/2013 at 02:32PM

    LAS VEGAS (AP) 鈥?Metta World Peace is coming home to play for the . The Knicks said the contract has not been signed but an agreement has been reached. “The team is amazing, the players. I’m excited to play and hustle,” World Peace said Monday while attending the summer league in Las Vegas. “Yes, this is going to happen,” World Peace’s agent, , said. “He’s really excited to be joining his hometown team. That’s obviously been something that’s been a dream of his since growing up in Queensbridge. “He’s just thrilled to be joining the New York Knicks.” World Peace was waived Thursday by the , who used the amnesty clause to create salary cap space. The 6-foot-7 forward will still be paid the $7.7 million that was owed to him by the Lakers. Cornstein said the new deal came about pretty quickly. The Knicks expressed interest right after they were allowed to reach out to the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year. “Obviously, Metta being from the area, and also much more importantly than just being a , seeing the way he would fit in the team,” Cornstein said. “Coach (Mike) Woodson did an incredible job explaining what his role would be. (Knicks GM) really made him feel wanted. “They just did a tremendous job; quite frankly, it became a pretty easy decision.” World Peace attended St. John’s in New York, when he was known as . “It has nothing to do with New York, the city,” World Peace [url=]Oklahoma City Thunder T Shirts[/url] said. “The only thing that’s important are those players that I’m going to be joining and touching that hallway with. That’s all that’s important right now.” In 14 NBA seasons with five teams, he has averaged 14.1 points [url=]Dallas Mavericks T Shirts[/url] and 4.7 rebounds per game. “I don’t think I’m a missing piece (to a puzzle),” he said. “I’m more honored to be playing with these players.”


  • By andreasmith 08/26/2013 at 05:45PM

    Alaska has long been at the forefront of global fisheries, benefiting from the rich waters of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. The Alaska fishing fleet is one of the largest in the world, with state of the art modern vessels that can operate in any weather condition. The capital investment required to support this fleet is tremendous, and it has been supported through the privatization of fishing rights.

    The creation of transferable fishing rights in Alaska has increased the value of fisheries and opened the doors to new investments, efficiencies and advancements in Alaska s fishing industry, both on shore and off shore.

    The passage of the American Fisheries Act (AFA) in 1998 and formation of Quota Shares (QS) led to rationalized fishing rights that now provide significant economic benefits to the industry. AFA provided a framework for the industry to form private cooperative groups that created transferrable and assignable fishing rights. [url=]Cheap West Virginia Mountaineers Jerseys[/url] Fishery rationalization established the right to fish, and the quantity of fish that each quota holder can harvest or process.

    Transferrable fishing rights can be controversial, as barriers to entry are created for new participants in the industry. However, from a lender s perspective, transferrable and assignable fishing rights have provided tremendous economic benefits to fishermen and the industry. Benefits to the fishing industry and Alaska s economy include:

    Marketing efficiencies have been realized. Quota shares and cooperatives allow fishermen and processors to slow down, diversify processing capacity, and maximize their product selection based upon market demands and the size and quality of fish. Catcher-processors and shore-based seafood processing plants [url=]Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys[/url] have added more fillet processing lines and opened more domestic and European markets for pollock, a previously little known species. The implementation of the Quota Share program helped eliminate derby-style fishing and increased the viability of the fresh not frozen market.

    [url=]Cheap Cowbody Jerseys[/url] Fishermen are getting higher yields and fish prices have increased. The elimination of the race for fish has doubled recovery rates, increased the value of fish and led to further efficiencies. Catcher-processors can simultaneously sort smaller fish into surimi lines and larger fish into fillet lines for maximum efficiency. This practice ensures the optimum use of the entire harvest.

    Vessel operation costs are reduced and business risks are lower. Transferrable fishing rights in Alaska have increased investments in fishing vessels to make harvesters more efficient. Investments have been made in more efficient engines, better electronics, bulbous bows, auto baiting machines, and other vessel improvements. Vessel owners can lease or buy incremental amounts of quota from each other to make for full boat loads and maximize the efficiency per fishing trip. Alternatively, in low quota years vessels can lease their quota and not fish if it is more efficient for other vessels to harvest for them.

    Efficiency is increasingly important as expenses such as diesel fuel and marine insurance costs rise. Fishermen operating in rationalized fisheries also have more time to make repairs, mitigating lost cash flow during shore time.

    The environmental stewardship of the fisheries has increased making fisheries more sustainable. Fishing rights give ownership of the resource to industry participants who become greater stewards of their property. For example, pollock trawlers have invested in salmon-excluders that reduce salmon by-catch. Vessels and on-shore plants are burning fish waste oil in diesel generators and engines to maximize the resource and reduce diesel oil consumption.

    Alaska fisheries are safer since fishery rationalization. Alaska s winter snow crab or opilio crab fishery has historically been one of the most dangerous professions in America. Now crab is harvested on larger, safer vessels, with no need to race to fishing grounds. The improved economics allow fishermen to reinvest in equipment and the maintenance of vessels, which has also improved the safety of the fishery.

    The fishing rights are recognized as valuable assets by lenders in Alaska and worldwide.

    As a result of rationalization, Alaska s commercial fishing industry is stronger than ever. The prices paid to fishermen are higher, the recovery rates are higher, the fisheries are better managed and more sustainable and more investment is being made into vessels and plant improvements. From this lender s perspective, fishery rationalization, including transferrable fishing rights, has added tremendous economic value to the Alaska fishing industry.

    Sam Mazzeo is senior vice president for Wells Fargo s Alaska Commercial Banking Group. Mazzeo has been lending to the Alaska fishing industry for 15 years. He can be reached at (907) 265-2916 or

  • By amykatherine 08/27/2013 at 07:51AM

    Apple CEO Tim Cook shows off his Nike FuelBand at D11 Fitness industry consultant , who [url=]sf 49ers jerseys[/url] played a key role in the development of Nike s FuelBand, has taken a job at Apple.

    Sources familiar with Blahnik s hiring said he signed on with Apple earlier this month, . His position at the company and its purpose couldn t be immediately learned, though it seems likely he ll be working with Apple s wearables team presumably on whatever watch or band it would like to see its customers all wearing on their wrists some day.

    An interesting and important hire, though hardly a surprising one. On stage at D11 earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook specifically [url=]san francisco 49ers 52 jerseys cheap[/url] touted Nike s FuelBand as a successful wearable and the wrist as the most interesting location for wearables in general.

    You know I wear this, it s the FuelBand. I think Nike did a great job with this. It s for a specific area, it s integrated well with iOS. There are lots of gadgets, wearables, in [url=]baltimore ravens jerseys wholesale[/url] this space now. You ve probably tried as many as I have, maybe even more. I would say that the ones that are doing more than one thing, that there s nothing this does primarily one thing, the ones that do more than one there s nothing great out there that I ve seen. There s nothing that s going to convince a kid who has never worn glasses or a band or a watch or whatever to wear one. Or at least I haven t seen it. So I think there s lots of things to solve in this space, but it s an area where it s ripe for exploration.

    Ripe for exploration, indeed.

    Apple declined comment on Blahnik s hiring.

  • By sabrinaroseann 08/28/2013 at 09:48AM

    More than a century of athletic heritage is the focal point behind the recognition of some of the University of Oregon s greatest athletic immortals of all time with the founding of Oregon s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1992.

    Spearheaded by former director of athletics Bill Byrne, the formation of the Hall was established to permanently honor athletes, coaches and administrators who have been a part of the University s rich athletic heritage over the course of decades. The select few who are elected for induction represent the very best the University of Oregon has to offer and who [url=]Gronkowski Black Jerseys[/url] have brought honor to themselves and teammates.

    Each spring the selection committee reviews the candidates, with all nominees eligibility for induction commencing 10 years following their departure from the University.

    Plaques honoring each of the inductees and their achievements are permanently displayed as part of the University s Hall of Champions, located on the second floor of the Len Casanova Athletic Center.

    The showcase is divided into three distinct areas that pay tribute to great Oregon athletes of the past. The Hall [url=]Wilson Green Jerseys[/url] s main corridor features an array of showcases housing many of the trophies and plaques won by Oregon teams and athletes over the years.

    The north wing contains depictions of memorable sports moments, traditions and achievements in Oregon lore. It includes timelines that show the development of the University s athletic department as well as the evolution of the equipment and traditions that have made the Oregon experience what it is today.

    Reserved for the south wing is Oregon s Hall of Fame, where the greatest sports immortals are enshrined as [url=]49ers new nike jersey[/url] the very best the University has to offer and who have brought honor to the educational institution as well as their teammates. The athletic showcase is open to the public free of charge weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and four hours prior to the start of every home football game.

    Twenty-seven individuals and three teams were included among the Hall of Fame s inaugural class of inductees in 1992.

  • By devonrobinson 08/28/2013 at 01:25PM

    With a healthy growth of leaves and sprouts of acorns, the huge oak tree takes on a commanding presence. A rarity among other Compton oak trees, its massive limbs reach nearly 60 feet toward the sun. Known affectionately as the Ghirardi Compton Oak by locals, the century-old tree maintains its grandeur as it shows no signs of defeat in the often-fought battle between modernization and the preservation of history. When League [url=]Dallas Mavericks T Shirts[/url] City officials were faced with the dilemma of having to cut down the tree to make way for a road-widening project along Louisiana Avenue, they had no idea that their efforts to preserve a bit of the city’s history would capture worldwide attention. “We’ve had so many people call from all over the world,” said , the city’s director of communications. [url=]Dallas Mavericks T Shirts[/url] She said the city has had contact with almost 115,000 people from 149 countries who were intrigued with the replanting of the Ghirardi Compton Oak. The tree has also been featured in the “Smithsonian Magazine,” ‘s “Living” magazine and on PBS. The city hired last year to move the 518,000-pound tree a quarter-mile. The tree is named after the Italian immigrant family that planted it more than 100 years ago. It is the second largest Compton oak in the United States and the largest tree in Texas to be moved. The council used $197,500 of park dedication fees to pay for the project. June marked the one-year anniversary of the tree’s replanting. “The tree is doing splendid,” said , owner and president of the Californian-based landscape company. “The tree has pushed out new foliage that is wonderful; it is beyond our expectations.” Wyatt said the city had posted a three-minute video of the actual moving of the tree on You Tube. To date, the video has had 135,000 views and has been featured on 25 websites including PBS and Caterpillar. She said the city posts weekly updates of the oak on its website. “People want to know how the tree is doing,” Wyatt said. “It’s just fascinating.” The tree has been moved to the future site of the Ghirardi WaterSmart Park at Louisiana Avenue and Poppy Street. The three-acre park will educate the public on water conservation and be part of a program designed to incorporate water conservation measures on future commercial and residential sites in League City. According to , deputy city manager, construction on the water park is under way and is expected to conclude this summer. Finalization of work is to include a “community build” project that will allow neighborhood volunteers to participate in installation of playground equipment, thus saving money on labor and allowing the city to include more amenities in the park. Hess’ company will monitor the tree’s progress for three years to make sure it continues to flourish. He said he has a crew in League City that checks the tree weekly. Researchers from the Texas A M Agriculture Department are also participating in the post-care monitoring process and regularly contact Hess to discuss the tree’s well-being. “This is a living, breathing thing,” he said. “Unlike a standard construction project, it’s not a concrete wall where you can walk away after you check off a punch list. You must care for it years after everyone else has left and moved on.” Hess said the camaraderie of working with city officials was inspiring. “For us the project was wonderful, from working with the city, the people. It was enlightening,” he said. “It was almost a hand clap; let’s do this as a team. “Every time I go to League City, I’m greeted warmly by city officials and locals,” he added. “It’s a great feeling to know we made a difference.” Hess said the project became personal for him. At that time, it was the largest tree that his company had moved. And, he was involved in the project right at the time his youngest son was born. “It was almost like a family event,” he said. The Southern California resident said he has brought his three young sons to League City to view the tree. Although he has a crew in League City, Hess said he personally comes to League City at least once a month to check on the tree. And he has a sprig of the tree growing in a vase on his desk. He said his children enjoy watching the sprig as it grows. And they often ask the same question so many others do. “How’s the tree, daddy?” Hess said with a laugh.


  • By andreasmith 08/28/2013 at 05:06PM

    Who doesn’t want the inauguration Sunday [url=]Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys[/url] of Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani, to mark a new era of “moderation”? After all, his smiling face alone adorning the front page of The New York Times should come as a welcome change to the snarly, disheveled sneer of his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    But does Hassan Rouhani鈥檚 鈥渕oderation鈥?begin or end with his smile?

    Is the charm offensive just a fa莽ade or the real thing鈥攖hat could help improve the lives of the Iranian people and perhaps dial back the Middle East from the abyss of nuclear confrontation?

    Dr. Samuel Johnson once described second marriages as 鈥渢he triumph of hope over experience.鈥?But baseless optimism does not an effective Iranian policy make. Facts do.

    Here鈥檚 a look at Rouhani鈥檚 past.

    The 64- year old president鈥檚 credentials date back to the Iranian Revolution of 1979. An early supporter of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, he followed Khomeini into in exile in Paris and returned with him to Tehran.

    A prot茅g茅 of Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani(1989-1997), Rouhani became the Secretary of Iran鈥檚 powerful Supreme National Security Council in 1989, continuing in that position under Rafsanjani鈥檚 successor President Mohammad Khatami (1997-2005).

    He was Iran鈥檚 top nuclear negotiator with the EU3鈥擝ritain, France, and Germany鈥攆rom 2003-2005.

    These various “postings” if you will, offer important insights into the man and his mission.

    First, when faced with 1999 student protests (which prefigured Iran鈥檚 2009 unsuccessful 鈥淕reen Revolution鈥?, Rouhani warned 鈥測esterday we received a decisive revolutionary order to crush mercilessly and monumentally鈥?and led the resulting crackdown, demanding that those arrested be executed.

    Second, he won plaudits at home as 鈥渢he Diplomat Sheikh鈥?for successfully running the negotiations clock even as Tehran鈥檚 nuclear program continued to expand and for successfully dividing the U.S. and the E.U. with a strategy admirers called 鈥渨iden the transatlantic gap.鈥? These 鈥渁ccomplishments鈥?along with his close personal relationship with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei– the real power in Iran鈥攈elp account for the May 2013 purge 680 of 688 candidates for president by Iran鈥檚 Guardian Council.

    Rouhani鈥檚 patron, former President Rafsanjani, who is considered a 鈥渃onservative pragmatist鈥? and Mohammad Reza Aref, the only real reformer in the race, dropped out under pressure.

    This left Rouhani, the eventual winner, as the only remaining 鈥渕oderate鈥?candidate in a race that U.S. Secretary of State Kerry called 鈥渉ardly an election by standards which most people in most countries judge free, fair, open, accessible, accountable elections.鈥? Regarding foreign policy – and especially Iran鈥檚 potential leveraging its nuclear clout, here is what Rouhani鈥檚 mentor, 鈥渕oderate鈥?President Rafsanjani said in 2001:

    鈥淚f one day … the Islamic world will be equipped with weapons available to Israel now … the employment of even one atomic bomb inside Israel will wipe it off the face of the earth but would only do damage to the Islamic world.鈥? Since he won election, Rouhani continues to support the embattled regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, declaring that Assad 鈥渉as constantly been on the frontline of fighting Zionism and this resistance line must not be weakened.鈥? So now what?

    For starters the Obama administration should signal its support for the millions of Iranians desperate for real change.

    Most important, for policymakers to remember, is that politically and legally, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei remains the ultimate authority in Iran. It is he, not Rouhani who directly controls the country鈥檚 nuclear destiny.

    It is telling that Khamenei and has already forbidden the future president from making any concessions to the West and who recently rejected a U.S. offer for bilateral talks made by Vice President Joe Biden.

    And on the nuclear threat, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got it right on a recent edition of “Face the Nation”:

    鈥淚 think we鈥檝e spoken many times, President Obama and I, about the need to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. I know that is the U.S. policy.

    “What is important to convey to them [Iran], especially after the elections, that that policy will not change and that it will be backed up by increasingly forceful sanctions and military action.

    In my view, there is a new president in Iran. He believes鈥攈e鈥檚 criticizing his predecessor for being a wolf in wolf鈥檚 [url=]Cheap New York Yankees Jerseys[/url] clothing. His strategy is – be a wolf in sheep鈥檚 clothing. Smile and build a bomb.鈥? On the eve of his inauguration, “moderate” Rouhani sent this message to Israel and the world: The Jewish state “has been a wound in the body of the Islamic world for years [url=]Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys[/url] and should be removed”. Ahmadinejad or Rouhani. It makes no difference: Tehran’s nuclear zero hour spins closer and closer. Rabbi Abraham Cooper is associate Dean of the in Los Angeles. Follow the Simon Wiesenthal Center on and on .

  • By irenemcdonald 08/28/2013 at 09:36PM

    I have an idea of a interesting subject about which you could write an article, if you want. I am not good writer, and my English is not so good to do it with enough quality. While reading comments of your article about 6 sleepers which could make a result in wc 2014, I noticed a people pointing to a teams like Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. They are all at top of their groups (Croatia 2nd, but shares same number of points with Belgium). Those 3 countries together have population of [url=]cheap NFL jerseys from China[/url] less then 9 million people, and so much quality (3 very good national teams) But not so long ago they were one [url=]nfl elite jerseys from China[/url] country Yugoslavia (alongside with Serbia, Slovenia and Macedonia). They speak the same language. What would their team be like if Yugoslavia still existed? World class. In fact Yugoslavia would be in top of all sports that are popular in Yugoslavia. Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, and especially Waterpolo (3 best teams in world are Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro!) Maybe I am a little biased as a Croat, but I think this sporty nation with only 20 [url=]supply nike NFL jerseys[/url] mil people that live there deserves an article. Of course, if you would like to write it, or reccomend to someone else. Maybe just concentrate on Football. I think it would be very interesting article. That is all.

  • By sabrinaroseann 08/29/2013 at 07:24AM

    More than a century of athletic heritage is the focal point behind the recognition of some of the University of Oregon s greatest athletic immortals of all time with the founding of Oregon s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1992.

    Spearheaded by former director of athletics Bill Byrne, the formation of the Hall was established to permanently honor athletes, coaches and administrators who have been a part of the University s rich athletic heritage over the course of decades. The select few who are elected for induction represent the very best the University of Oregon has to offer and who [url=]Gronkowski Black Jerseys[/url] have brought honor to themselves and teammates.

    Each spring the selection committee reviews the candidates, with all nominees eligibility for induction commencing 10 years following their departure from the University.

    Plaques honoring each of the inductees and their achievements are permanently displayed as part of the University s Hall of Champions, located on the second floor of the Len Casanova Athletic Center.

    The showcase is divided into three distinct areas that pay tribute to great Oregon athletes of the past. The Hall [url=]Wilson Green Jerseys[/url] s main corridor features an array of showcases housing many of the trophies and plaques won by Oregon teams and athletes over the years.

    The north wing contains depictions of memorable sports moments, traditions and achievements in Oregon lore. It includes timelines that show the development of the University s athletic department as well as the evolution of the equipment and traditions that have made the Oregon experience what it is today.

    Reserved for the south wing is Oregon s Hall of Fame, where the greatest sports immortals are enshrined as [url=]49ers new nike jersey[/url] the very best the University has to offer and who have brought honor to the educational institution as well as their teammates. The athletic showcase is open to the public free of charge weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and four hours prior to the start of every home football game.

    Twenty-seven individuals and three teams were included among the Hall of Fame s inaugural class of inductees in 1992.

  • By devonrobinson 08/29/2013 at 10:54AM

    Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble las vegaswranglers: Wranglers don t let this lead slip away, take Game 3 againstStockton

    A scrum of shoving players erupts in front of the Las Vegas net as the Wranglers hosted the Thunder for game 3 of their best-of-seven ECHL Western Conference Quarterfinal playoff series on Mondaynight. By () Monday, April 8, 2013 | 9:45 p.m.

    Sun coverage  The Las Vegas Wranglers weren鈥檛 going to let this lead slip away.

    The beat the Stockton Thunder 3-0 Monday at the Orleans Arena in the first round of the ECHL playoffs, trimming its deficit in the best-of-seven-game series to 2-1. Las Vegas could have very easily won all three games in the series. Last Friday and Saturday in the first two games in Stockton, Calif., the Wranglers lost both games in overtime despite holding a lead at the beginning of the third period. That wasn鈥檛 the case Monday. Las Vegas led 1-0 entering the third period, adding to its advantage with a pair of goals to seal the crucial win. Judd Blackwater found the back of the net for the Wranglers for the initial goal of the third period on the power play, scoring on an assist from defensemen Mike Madill and Matt Campanale. Carlo Finucci added an insurance goal late for the Wranglers, which return to the ice at 7:05 p.m. [url=]NBA All Star T Shirts[/url] Tuesday against Stockton for Game 4. After a scoreless first period, Las Vegas took the lead for good in the second on a short-handed goal from Scott Pitt. Madill was credited with the assist. Netminder Joe Fallon stopped all 28 shots he faced to earn the shutout.

     Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble   Post a comment Commenting requires .

    Comments are moderated by Las Vegas Sun editors. Our goal is not to limit the discussion, but rather to elevate it. Comments should be relevant and contain no abusive language. Comments that are off-topic, vulgar, profane or include personal attacks will be removed. If you would like to submit your comment as a letter to the editor, . Username: Password: Login


  • By andreasmith 08/29/2013 at 02:30PM

    ie8 fix All Mobile posts Mobile Google, always trying to break down language barriers as part of its mission to make the world’s information accessible, has added on-the-fly, automatic Web page translation to its Chrome browser for Android devices. , released Wednesday, has the translation feature built in, said Chrome team member Jason Kersey in a blog post. The feature has been built into Chrome for personal computers for years. Also new in Chrome 28 for Android, according to Kersey and another Chrome team member, : 聲 An optimized user interface for right-to-left (RTL) languages including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. 聲 Full-screen support Originally posted at
    July 11, 2013 1:22 AM PDT By Topics: , Tags: , , , , , TripAdivsor has acquired a small mobile startup in the travel industry. The travel company on Wednesday that it has acquired GateGuru, a mobile platform that provides a wide range of information for travelers, including details on itineraries, airports, and rental cars. In a statement, TripAdvisor said that GateGuru will complement its other popular application, SeatGuru, which tells people the best spots to sit on a plane. TripAdvisor didn’t announce the terms of its deal with GateGuru, but did say that the app maker will continue to operate its business out of its headquarters in New York City. Originally posted at
    June 19, 2013 6:28 AM PDT By Topics: , Tags: , , , If smartphone users have problems with your site, here’s some incentive to fix them: Google said Tuesday it plans to punish problematic sites with lower placement in search results. To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users, said Yoshikiyo Kato, a mobile search team programmer, and Pierre Far, a Webmaster trends analyst, in a . The pair gave some examples of common problems: 聲 Redirecting visitors trying to use assorted PC-optimized [url=]Cheap Klahoma State Jerseys[/url] Originally posted at
    June 11, 2013 12:40 PM PDT By Topics: Tags: , , , The march toward a better, voice-controlled future continues, even with , and newer digital assistants, such as , already on the scene. The latest entrant is Sherpa, a natural language Android app that’s a top app in Spain and Latin America and today is rolling out in the U.S. – first for Android, eventually for iOS. Like Siri, Sherpa attempts to help organize your life and perform tasks when you ask the app questions or give it commands. It’s the brainchild of Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria, who’s based in Bilbao, Spain, and has been working Originally posted at
    April 17, 2013 6:00 AM PDT By Topics: , Tags: , , They’re simple, social, and entirely made for mobile, all of which might explain the explosive growth of standalone messaging apps even as Facebook offers a free way to chat on smartphones. One of the biggies, says that it now has more than 50 million users and that people – mostly young people – are signing up at a rate of 200,000 a day. That’s twice the rate that Kik claimed when it [url=
    104]Cheap Oklahoma Sooners Jerseys[/url] last released stats. Just last November, the app claimed 30 million users and said that 100,000 people were signing up each day.

    Originally posted at
    April 11, 2013 9:00 AM PDT By Topics: , Tags: Twitter today developers to a platform-focused event at its headquarters early next week, where it plans to show off new features. The event – which begins at 6:30 p.m. next Tuesday and is scheduled to run until 9 p.m. – is not open to the press, the company said. The company offered no other details as to what will be in store, though noted that it would focus on mobile oriented things. We’ve been working on some exciting new features for the Twitter Platform, and we’d like to share those with Originally posted at
    March 25, 2013 1:50 PM PDT By Topics: Tags: , , , , Rumors have been swirling about Apple and Samsung , but they’re not the only ones. One Chinese company is reportedly looking to get into the time-keeping game Firefox OS. Known for its e-readers and an Android-fueled smartwatch released last year, a subdivision of massive Chinese tech outfit Shanda called Guoke plans to sell a smartwatch in June called the Bambook Smart Watch. The Bambook will come in two flavors, . One will run Android, the other Firefox OS. Reportedly, the watch will cost more than $100, and will have an e-ink screen. Like Samsung, Shanda has Originally posted at
    March 21, 2013 6:08 PM PDT By Tags: , , , , Pandora has tuned up a app that’s both free and ad-free. , the app offers all the standard features for Pandora listeners. You can create up to 100 different stations based on your tastes in music. You can tell Pandora what you like and don’t like by giving each song a thumb’s up or thumb’s down. You can filter certain songs that you won’t want to hear and flip on a switch for higher-quality audio. Existing Pandora users can log in with their current Originally posted at
    March 21, 2013 6:56 AM PDT By Topics: , Tags: , , , Taking a page from [url=]Cheap Boston Red Sox Jerseys[/url] Opera and Amazon playbooks, then writing on it some more, Google is using its own servers to speed up page loading on its mobile version of Chrome. The feature, called proxy browsing, is , though it must be manually activated through the chrome://flags interface by selecting Enable Data Compression Proxy. With proxy browsing, a server with a fast Internet connection and more processing horsepower than a mobile device loads the Web page on behalf of that mobile device. The chief advantage of the approach is that Originally posted at
    March 6, 2013 11:53 PM PST By Topics: Tags: , , , , , , The first results of are now available for people to try: a . The new version uses Android-native user-interface elements but preserves many Opera features such as Speed Dial. It gets some new features, too, such as Off-road Mode to enable a proxy-browsing technology designed for slow network connections and the Discovery tool for people who want to browse content tailored to their interests. The Oslo, Norway-based company announced in February that it’s scrapped its own Presto engine, except in its TV browser product line, in favor of the Originally posted at
    March 4, 2013 11:02 PM PST By Topics: Tags: , , , ,

    ie8 fix

  • By irenemcdonald 08/29/2013 at 07:49PM

    Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly’s agreement to a contract extension with the school is “imminent,” according to an report. Fighting Irish fans may [url=]Discount On Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] want to tap the brakes before they start celebrating.

    Kelly will still be targeted by NFL teams in search of a new head coach. And he will still listen to them.

    Despite Kelly briefly flirting with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles in January, henever “leveraged” the school for a raise or extension, according to CBS Sports’ :

    [Athletics director Jack] Swarbrick suggested Kelly receive a new deal during a post-regular-season meeting in early December. Kelly did not make any financial requests this week, Swarbrick said.

    “In every possible way I wasn’t being leveraged,” Swarbrick said. “I know people think there’s a direct connection between the two events, but in our case it felt more routine internally than it did externally.”

    Swarbrick’s comments make sense. Kelly’s undefeated regular season and a BCS Championship game berth warranted a contract extension. Kelly has a nice security blanket. But [url=]nfl elite jerseys from China[/url] the school still cannot stop the inevitable.

    Kelly will go to the NFL. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. His style of coaching fits in with the NFL. He also turned around a dormant program. It’s a win-win for an NFL team.

    Kelly’s current contract with Notre Dame runs through the 2016 season, according to the AP report:

    Kelly, who interviewed for the Philadelphia Eagles job the day after the BCS game in January, said the basic deal for a contract has been in place since December.

    “We have a contract and an agreement. We have people that are paid money to look at these contracts. They look at them very closely. They don’t operate as quickly as I would like to. But there are no issues contractually,” Kelly said.

    If the new extension had been unofficially in place since December, why was Kelly talking with the Eagles in January? One day after the BCS Championship game?

    Why, eight months and an NFL flirtation later, has a contract extension not been announced? Maybe [url=]nike nfl jerseys China[/url] the two sides are hung up on the buyout clause of the extension. Maybe they are hung up over what the protocol is if an NFL team expresses interest in Kelly. These things need to be addressed.

    Kelly’s abrupt departure from Cincinnati cost a cool $1 million, according to the . Three hours after the Bears’ annual banquet in December 2009, Kelly told his players he was taking his talents to South Bend, Indiana. Kelly may be fickle, but he does have the right to seek greener pastures. And extend his stay for as long as possible.

    Contract extensions give a head coach an overview of what his future will look like in monetary terms, whether he remains employed by the school or not.

    Former head coach Charlie Weis was given a rumored 10-year, $30-40 million extension deal in 2005, according to an ESPN . Four years later, Weis was fired.

    The school is still paying off that contract extension. Weis received a $2.1 million payout from the school in 2011, according to tax records requested by .The report noted that the separation agreement between Weis and the school will continue through 2015.

    Notre Dame appeared to have covered Kelly’s buyout clause from Cincinnati. More from the :

    Kelly earned a total of $2,424,301 but a notation referring to $1,762,334 of “other reportable compensation” indicated that all or part of that total was a “one-time payment to Coach Kelly.”

    Given that Kelly did not begin receiving compensation until the 2010 calendar year and therefore did not appear on the tax form for July 2009 through June 2010, that money may have contributed to any buyout Kelly owed Cincinnati after leaving for the Irish in December 2009.

    Penalties for broken contracts can mean little for coaches heading to more elite programs. Notre Dame knows that.

    A contract extension is just a piece of paper that sates fans and encourages boosters to keep the coffers full. It implies a strong commitment by both parties.

    For a wooing NFL team, it implies that Kelly will probably cost it a little more money.

  • By andreasmith 09/05/2013 at 03:54PM

    Michelle Knight gets ready to read a statement in the courtroom during the sentencing phase for Ariel Castro Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013, in Cleveland. Castro, convicted of [url=]Cheap Detroit Tigers Jerseys[/url] holding three women captive in a house he turned into a prison and raping them repeatedly for a decade, was sentenced Thursday to life without parole plus 1,000 years. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) On Thursday, officially received a life sentence plus 1,000 years in prison for kidnapping and imprisoning , Gina DeJesus, and Amanda Berry, subjecting them to horrifying abuse and holding them in deplorable conditions. Castro only has one life to give for the three he nearly destroyed and therefore his sentence, impossible to fulfill, is our justice system鈥檚 way to punctuate the magnitude of his crimes. The survivors have asked for privacy.

    But the public is left asking many questions: How did no one know? How did his captors survive? And how many women are still living in the manufactured hells like the one Knight, DeJesus, and Berry escaped?

    On Saturday鈥檚 show, host Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests political analyst Zerlina Maxwell, MSNBC national reporter Irin Carmon, executive director聽Anu Bhagwati, and Juan Ramos, executive Director of will explore public perception of survivors, institutional failures, and how even in an extreme case like the perpetrator鈥檚 mindset [url=]Cheap Cowbody Jerseys[/url] is all too common.

    In the Capitol this week, Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, held a hearing titled 鈥淭he War on Poverty: A Progress Report.鈥?What ensued shows a of the various causes of poverty by those on the right. The transcript from the hearing reports a surreal conversation in which Rep. Marsha Blackburn questioned Sister Simone Campbell on the morality of anti-poverty programs while a witness for the Republicans did not know the federal minimum wage. As fast food workers across the country strike for higher wages, our host and panel will discuss the key person missing from Rep. Ryan鈥檚 hearing.

    Feeling a bit apocalyptic this week? You鈥檙e not alone. President Obama presented two plans to Congress to literally and figuratively save America. The first involved a strategy to . The second was another attempt at a 鈥楪rand Bargain鈥?that put simply would cut corporate tax rates and use the revenue created to improve infrastructure, support community colleges, and promote manufacturing jobs. Republicans shut down both. On Saturday鈥檚 show we ll discuss the reality of getting anything accomplished with a Congress that seems to stop at nothing to shut down progress.

    Speculation over the next Fed chair picked up speed this week. So far supporters of Janet Yellen have happily gone on the record voicing their praise for the current Vice Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve. Those who support Larry Summers have spoken anonymously and those who oppose him have not shied away from the media. The Summers pile-on prompted the president to during a closed meeting with House Democrats earlier this week, leading some to think the president has already . On paper, both economists have impeccable credentials but while Janet Yellen has managed to exist under the radar, the very mention of Larry Summers elicits incredibly strong reactions. On Sunday鈥檚 show Harris-Perry will be joined by Democratic consultant Jamal Simmons, Syracuse law professor and author of The Fine Print David Cay Johnston, News hour鈥檚 Political editor Christina Bellantoni, and former [url=]Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys[/url] Ohio congressman and author of Sideswiped, Bob Ney to discuss why many just don鈥檛 like Larry.

    Join us as Harris-Perry sits down with author to talk about her book, First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar, America鈥檚 First Black Public High School. Our host will be joined by Washington DC public school chancellor Kaya Henderson who has reformed the school system, resulting in public school students this year on annual math and reading tests.

    Be sure to read what we鈥檝e linked above, and watch聽Melissa Harris-Perry聽Saturday at 10 a.m. EST on MSNBC! Also, don鈥檛 forget to join us on 聽and聽聽with the hashtag聽.

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  • By amykatherine 09/06/2013 at 03:31AM

    , author of the classic novel Lanark and one of ‘s outspoken literary figures, has said that those who appoint English people to major cultural jobs in Scotland are “Scotophobic”. He suggested that this was a deliberate anti-independence strategy: “You’ve got to bear in mind who the people are who choose the heads of Scottish national companies: bankers, insurance people, there may be one or two artists. These are people who don’t want an independent Scotland,” he said, noting further the appointment of English people as the heads of the National Theatre of Scotland and the funding body Creative Scotland last December he threw a virtual hand grenade into the debate when he wrote an essay last year dividing the English in Scotland into “colonists and settlers”. His statements were severely criticised in some quarters, but the author, speaking at the , stood by his comments. “Scots bodies who appoint heads of bodies are [url=]san francisco 49ers 52 jerseys cheap[/url] Scotophobic when it comes to their own kind,” he said. The , part of a volume called , stated that “English [url=]Brady black jerseys[/url] settlers are as much a part of Scotland as Asian restaurateurs and shopkeepers, or the Italians who brought us fish and chips. The colonists look forward to a future back in England through promotion or byretirement.” He said that the difference between “colonists” and “settlers” also “depends on how far they understand Scottish culture and want to promote it on the basis of understanding it”. He added: “I’ve always defined as a Scot any adult with voting rights who [url=]Brady black jerseys[/url] lives here.” The author also recounted how he turned down a knighthood. “I was offered a knighthood under Mr Brown’s administration, but of course I turned it down 鈥?because there was no money attached.”


  • By katherinelee 09/06/2013 at 03:42PM

    Ralph Lauren Corp. () may have headlined their earnings release as better-than-expected, but the investment community apparently didn t think so, sending shares of the Polo brand maker down by more than 6 percent in Wednesday trading.

    Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2014 was reported at $1.65 billion, up from $1.6 billion in the year prior quarter. Net income faded to $181 million, or $1.94 per share, from $193 million, or $2.03 per share, in the first quarter of fiscal 2013. EPS of $1.94 was better than we anticipated due to higher revenue and stronger profit flow-through, [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys on sale[/url] said Chris Peterson, chief financial officer and senior vice president of Ralph Lauren in a conference call discussing the [url=]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/url] results Wednesday morning.

    The report was in line with Wall Street expectations on both top and bottom lines.

    Compared to the year prior quarter, wholesale sales improved 6 percent to $735 million and retail sales were ahead by 3 percent at $879 million. New store openings and e-commerce sales played a key role in the advance, as same-store-sales, a closely watched growth metric as they measure comparable sales at stores open more than one year, declined by 1 percent. Same-store-sales would have actually increased 1 percent if it weren t for the negative impact of foreign exchange rates. Most U.S.-based international businesses have faced headwinds from foreign currency translations in the second quarter.

    Licensing revenue fell by 8 percent to $39 million.

    Gross profit margin dropped by 160 basis points to [url=]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/url] 60.7 percent, while gross profit improved 1 percent to $1 billion. Operating margin was 16.7 percent, down 160 basis points from last year s quarter.

    Operating expenses increased 4 percent, from $700 million to $728 million as a 6-percent increase in selling, general and administrative costs were partially offset by a $16 million gain on the acquisition of the Chaps men s sportswear license.

    Despite an uneven global operating environment, we planned the business prudently and achieved sales and profit levels that exceeded our expectations, even as we make important investments in our long-term growth objectives and in the infrastructure to support them, said Roger Farah, Ralph Lauren s president and chief operating officer in a statement today.

    Ralph Lauren has been making moves to increase its corporate store ownerships, including some restructuring in China to shutter stores run by partners and re-open their own stores in prime locations. At the end of the quarter, the company operated 396 corporate locations, up from 379 in last year s quarter.

    Looking at the current quarter, the company expects low-single-digit growth in net revenue, including a 200 basis point net negative impact from foreign currency exchange and discontinued businesses. Analysts were expected sales increases more along the lines of 6 to 7 percent.

    For all of fiscal 2014, the fashion company reiterated its forecast of revenue growth between 4 percent and 7 percent, including the same factors as for the second quarter.

    Shareholders of RL are used to the company clobbering analyst predictions, so the soft guidance and numbers only matching expectations were not well received this morning. Of course, other blue chip stocks broadly sinking aren t helping matters either. Shares of RL printed all-time intraday highs in May at $191.58 and had their highest closing price ever at $189.51 on Tuesday. Shares have shaved today s losses to 6.3 percent to $177.50 one-hour into afternoon trading, pulling-up from lows of $175.05.Ralph Lauren Corp. () may have headlined their earnings release as better-than-expected, but the investment community apparently didn t think so, sending shares of the Polo brand [url=]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/url] maker down by more than 6 percent in Wednesday trading.

    Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2014 was reported at $1.65 billion, up from $1.6 billion in the year prior quarter. Net income faded to $181 million, or $1.94 per share, from $193 million, or $2.03 per share, in the first quarter of fiscal 2013. EPS of $1.94 was better than we anticipated due to higher revenue and stronger profit flow-through, said Chris Peterson, chief financial officer and senior vice president of Ralph Lauren in a conference call discussing the results Wednesday morning.

    The report was in line with Wall Street expectations on both top and bottom lines.

    Compared to the year prior quarter, wholesale sales improved 6 percent to $735 million and retail sales were ahead by 3 percent at $879 million. New store openings and e-commerce sales played a key role in the advance, as same-store-sales, a closely watched growth metric [url=]2013 New Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] as they measure comparable sales at stores open more than one year, declined by 1 percent. Same-store-sales would have actually increased 1 percent if it weren t for the negative impact of foreign exchange rates. Most U.S.-based international businesses have faced headwinds from foreign currency translations in the second quarter.

    Licensing revenue fell by 8 percent to $39 million.

    Gross profit margin dropped by 160 basis points to 60.7 percent, while gross profit improved 1 percent to $1 billion. Operating margin was 16.7 percent, down 160 basis points from last year s quarter.

    Operating expenses increased 4 percent, from $700 million to $728 million as a 6-percent increase in selling, general and administrative costs were partially offset by a $16 million gain on the acquisition of the Chaps men s sportswear license.

    Despite an uneven global operating environment, we planned the business prudently and achieved sales and profit levels that exceeded our expectations, even as we make important investments in our long-term growth objectives and in the infrastructure to support them, said Roger Farah, Ralph Lauren s president and chief operating officer in a statement today.

    Ralph Lauren has been making moves to increase its corporate store ownerships, including some restructuring in China to shutter stores run by partners and re-open their own stores in prime locations. At the end of the quarter, the company operated 396 corporate locations, up from 379 in last year s quarter.

    Looking at the current quarter, the company expects low-single-digit growth in net revenue, including a 200 basis point net negative impact from foreign currency exchange and discontinued businesses. Analysts were expected sales increases more along the lines of 6 to 7 percent.

    For all of fiscal 2014, the fashion company reiterated its forecast of revenue growth between 4 percent and 7 percent, including the same factors as for the second quarter.

    Shareholders of RL are used to the company clobbering analyst predictions, so the soft guidance and numbers only matching expectations were not well received this morning. Of course, other blue chip stocks broadly sinking aren t helping matters either. Shares of RL printed all-time intraday highs in May at $191.58 and had their highest closing price ever at $189.51 on Tuesday. Shares have shaved today s losses to 6.3 percent to $177.50 one-hour into afternoon trading, pulling-up from lows of $175.05.

  • By katherinelee 09/12/2013 at 07:51PM

    1dayagoDrone strike kills Taliban commander linked to kidnap of US soldierAPU.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl seen in an undated handout image. By Mushtaq Yusufzai, Producer, NBC NewsPESHAWAR, Pakistan - A senior Afghan Taliban commander linked to the kidnapping of U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was killed on Friday by a suspected U.S. drone strike along with six other militant commanders, sources said.Maulvi Sangeen Zadran, who was part of the Haqqani network, [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] was killed in Pakistan’s ethnic Pashtun tribal region on the Afghan border.The United States placed Zadran, 45, on its list of global terrorists in 2011, Reuters reported. He was accused of planning bomb attacks and assaults on U.S. bases in eastern Afghanistan, [url=]nike nfl jerseys[/url] planning movements of foreign Taliban fighters and orchestrating kidnappings of Afghan and foreign nationals in border areas.He was reportedly staying at a house at Dargah Mandi village near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in North Waziristan when he came under drone attack.Taliban and tribal sources in Miranshah, the main administrative town of North Waziristan, said that the [url=]Washington Redskins Jerseys for sale[/url] six other militants killed in the strike included three there Jordanians and an Egyptian.  The announcements were made from loudspeakers in the mosques here in Miranshah in the morning and tribesmen were asked to attend funeral prayers of the slain militants, said local tribesman Hashmat Dawar.The Haqqani network is yet to confirm or deny the loss of its militants in the drone strike.Sgt. Bergdahl, captured in 2009, is the only [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys on sale[/url] American soldier being [url=]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/url] held by militants.Related: Explore related topics: , , , , , ,

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    Nearly six decades after a robber with a shotgun made her a [url=]Tebow Green Jerseys[/url] 22-year-old widow, Charlene Dozier still marvels at the kindness and generosity of Columbus residents. The slaying of her husband, Donald Keyes, on March 8, 1955, generated front-page headlines and a public outcry. Donations poured in, allowing the widow to purchase the E. 13th Avenue house where the couple had been raising their two young children. Mayor M.E. Sensenbrenner, who encouraged city workers to contribute, attended the funeral. But the trail leading to the killer quickly went cold. The homicide remains unsolved, the oldest of the cold cases on file with Columbus police. Dozier, now 81, said she lost hope that the killer would be found about 10 years after the killing. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 say I grieve anymore,鈥?she said. 鈥淚 think the Lord has taken that from me.鈥? Donald Keyes was a 24-year-old student at Ohio State University, studying to become a teacher, and was working the night shift at the Checker Oil gas station at E. 5th and Leonard avenues, northwest of Bexley. Police think he was killed between 1:30 and 1:40 a.m. by a robber who shot him once in the side of the face after forcing him to lie on the floor of a cramped storage room with his head on a pillow. The killer pried open a desk drawer and took an estimated $50. In addition to his wife, Keyes left behind a 4 1/2-year-old daughter, Karen, and an 11-month-old son, Tommy. As the year drew to a close, the Ohio State Journal reported that the murder 鈥渢opped all area crime stories for 1955. No other story hit the community with such immediate impact and held its continued interest for so long a time.鈥? Day after day, newspaper stories detailed every new lead in the case and every suspect who was arrested, given a lie-detector test and released. The victim鈥檚 older brother, Paul Keyes, said Lt. Herman Beck and other detectives worked tirelessly, 鈥渄ay and night,鈥?on the case. 鈥淏eck told me that he knew who did it, but he couldn鈥檛 prove it,鈥?the 84-year-old Downtown resident said. Dozier credits her faith and the family鈥檚 church, Shepard Church of the Nazarene, with helping her and her children through those traumatic months. 鈥淚f not for that church, I don鈥檛 know where we鈥檇 be today,鈥?she said. The pastor at the time, the Rev. E.K. Richey, delivered the news of her husband鈥檚 death, knocking on her bedroom window at 5 a.m. The couple鈥檚 daughter, now 63, also awoke to the knocking. Karen Moss remembers the commotion in the living room, the pastor and a police officer holding on to her weeping mother. And she remembers trips with her extended family to Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens every Sunday after church for at [url=]nfl jerseys site map[/url] least a year following her father鈥檚 burial there. 鈥淭om and I were very loved and cared for by our family and our church,鈥?she said. 鈥淲e never felt like we lacked anything. 鈥淥ur Christian faith, our supportive relatives and friends made us realize that life didn鈥檛 just stop because you lost your dad. We had faith that we鈥檇 see him again.鈥? When Dozier built a new house in 1960 and sold the house on E. 13th Avenue, she used [url=]Wholesale Chicago Bears Jerseys[/url] the proceeds to start a college fund for her children. Moss graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tenn. She taught for 35 years with Amanda Clearcreek Local Schools in Fairfield County before retiring in 2007. She now serves as administrator of Shepherd Church of the Nazarene鈥檚 elementary school. Her brother graduated from Ohio State University and is an executive with AAA Ohio Auto Club. Both live on the East Side near their mother, who has four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Dozier eventually remarried; she was widowed again in 2009. She became a registered nurse and retired after 32 years at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center. She volunteers as the parish nurse for the church. In 2007, she contacted the cold-case squad to ask about having the Donald Keyes case reopened. A detective found that half of the witnesses, suspects and officers from the original investigation had died, said Sgt. Eric Pilya, supervisor of the unit. A Columbus TV station broadcast a report about the slaying, but a plea for new information didn鈥檛 generate a single call to Crime Stoppers, he said. Dozier has made peace with the realization that she likely will never learn who robbed her of her husband after fewer than six years of marriage. 鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing like your first love,鈥?she said. 鈥淭he fact that he was the father of my children, it brings different emotions. I think of all the joy those children have brought to my life. 鈥淚鈥檓 just thankful I had him in my life for as long as I did.鈥? Anyone with information about the case can contact the cold-case unit at 614-645-4036 or Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477.

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    Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (AP) 鈥?An independent probe led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh found evidence of a lawyers鈥?plot to 鈥渃orrupt鈥?the BP settlement program but nothing that warranted shutting down payments to victims of the company鈥檚 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a report issued Friday. Freeh, who was appointed by of alleged misconduct by a staff attorney who worked on the settlement program, cleared court-appointed claims administrator Patrick Juneau of engaging in any 鈥渃onflict of interest, or unethical or improper conduct.鈥? But the former FBI director concluded that top members of Juneau鈥檚 staff engaged in conduct that was improper, unethical and possibly criminal. 鈥淭he nature and seriousness of this type conduct varied in degree but was pervasive and, at its extreme, may have constituted criminal conduct,鈥?the report said. BP chief:聽 Juneau said Freeh鈥檚 report validates his team鈥檚 work and played down the alleged misconduct by two former members of his staff as an 鈥渋solated situation.鈥? 鈥淲e will continue the job of processing claims,鈥?he said in a statement. 鈥淲e welcome the recommendations from the Freeh report and we look forward to working with him to help improve all aspects of the claims process.鈥? BP spokesman Geoff Morrell said the report 鈥渃onfirms what BP has suspected for some time: there has been fraud and unethical conduct within the facility itself and among various claimants and their lawyers and immediate steps need to []Sport Fans Jerseys Shop[/url] be taken to prevent it in the future.鈥? 鈥淭he evidence of conflicts of interest and misconduct assembled in Judge Freeh鈥檚 report is shocking, but it simply underscores that neither BP nor the public has had any idea of what鈥檚 really going on within the (settlement program),鈥?Morrell said. 鈥淛udge Freeh鈥檚 continued investigation is essential to assuring public confidence in the integrity of the claims process.鈥? Two of the lead plaintiffs鈥?lawyers who brokered the settlement with BP last year said Freeh鈥檚 report 鈥渃onfirmed what we knew to be true all along: that Patrick Juneau has, for more than a year, led the Court-Supervised Settlement Program with integrity, transparency and objectivity.鈥? 鈥淚t is a testament to Mr. Juneau鈥檚 running of the program that Judge Freeh鈥檚 recommended that the Settlement Program continue paying claims unabated, with Juneau at the helm,鈥?the attorneys, Stephen Herman and Jim Roy, said in []wholesale sports jerseys[/url] a statement. Rejected:聽 While the report points to certain conduct within the program as problematic, Freeh said, 鈥渢his should not prevent the (settlement program) from fairly and efficiently processing and paying honest and legitimate claims in a timely manner.鈥? It also found that two private attorneys 鈥?Glen Lerner and Jon Andry 鈥?used Lionel Sutton, a lawyer on Juneau鈥檚 staff, to expedite a claim by their firm for nearly $8 million. In return, Sutton received more than $40,000 in fees from payments on claims he had referred to their law firm before joining Juneau鈥檚 staff. Freeh recommended turning over his report to the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney鈥檚 Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana to determine whether Sutton, Lerner, Andry or Sutton鈥檚 wife Christine Reitano, who also worked as a lawyer on Juneau鈥檚 staff, violated any federal laws []Cheap Nike Sports jerseys[/url] 鈥渞egarding fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.鈥? Freeh also recommended that the court consider disallowing the $7.9 million payment of The Andry Law Firm claim based on 鈥渓ong-held principles of equity which prohibit a party before the court to benefit and enrich itself after having engaged in dishonest, unethical and improper conduct.鈥? 鈥淚n this matter, the conduct of The Andry Law Firm is particularly egregious,鈥?the report. 鈥淚n effect, Mr. Jon Andry鈥檚 AndryLerner firm was making secret, improper payments to Mr. Sutton at the precise time Mr. Sutton was a senior CAO attorney, working in concert with Mr. Jon Andry to expedite payment of The Andry Law Firm claim.鈥? Michael Walsh, an attorney for Lionel Sutton, said Freeh鈥檚 allegations about his client鈥檚 conduct possibly warranting a criminal probe are 鈥渁bsolutely unfounded.鈥? Lawyers:聽 鈥淭here was no criminal activity on Mr. Sutton鈥檚 part,鈥?Walsh said. 鈥淚f Mr. Sutton had done anything criminally wrong, he would not have cooperated with Mr. Freeh.鈥? Representatives of Andry, Lerner and Reitano didn鈥檛 have an immediate comment. In April 2010, the oil drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded off the Louisiana coast, killing 11 workers and leading to millions of gallons of oil being spewed into the water. Marshes, fisheries and beaches from Louisiana to Florida were fouled by the oil before the well was sealed. BP set up a compensation fund for individuals and businesses hurt by the spill and committed $20 billion. Juneau took over the processing of claims after the settlement was reached last year.


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    Updated21hoursagoMcCain again faces skeptical constituents at Syria-focused town hallBy Carrie Dann, Political Reporter, NBC NewsSen. John McCain tells an Arizona town hall that Americans are weary of war after being sold that Iraq had WMD, but they didn’t, leading to skepticism over Syrian involvement.Sen. John McCain, one of the leading GOP proponents of military strikes in Syria, faced skepticism and some anger from constituents for a second consecutive day on Friday during a town hall focused on intervention in [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys on sale[/url] the war-torn country. The Arizona Republican was urged by voters in Prescott to keep the United States out of the Syrian conflict, with many questioning the United States role as a global policeman and one accusing McCain of treason for backing the [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] strike.  I promise you that if we put an American boot on the ground, [url=]Washington Redskins Jerseys for sale[/url] I will do whatever I can to stop it, including lying down in front [url=]nike nfl jerseys[/url] of Pennsylvania Avenue. I mean that. McCain assured the [url=]wholesale nike nfl jerseys[/url] crowd early in his remarks. I mean that.   |

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    PHILADELPHIA  For almost seven decades, the [url=]Tebow Green Jerseys[/url] microphone has been Rafael ‘Felo’ Ram铆rez’s best friend, allowing him to reach the homes of millions of Latino radio listeners and television viewers going all the way back to 1949. As he concluded prepping his notes prior to a recent Miami Marlins game in Philadelphia a week ago with his fellow partner Yiki Quintana nearby, the Hall of Famer told Fox News Latino that he’d like nothing more than to have a mic be with him on the day he dies. 鈥淚 intensely live through baseball. Frankly, it is my life and I say all the time that I’d like to die next to the microphone, really, because I really adore it, because I love it,鈥?said Ram铆rez, who is now in his 20th season as the Spanish-speaking voice of the Marlins. The 91-year-old broadcasting lifer left Cuba in 1962 for Venezuela after having spent nine years calling games on CMQ radio in his homeland, and has since narrated the action while living in Puerto Rico, Mexico and now the United States. He’s called over 30 World Series and described unforgettable moments such as Don Larsen’s perfect game, Hank Aaron’s 715th homer and Roberto Clemente’s 3000th hit. Ram铆rez marveled at what he’s been able to relay through his spoken words behind the microphone especially at the level he’s been fortunate to have done so. 鈥淚 never remotely thought about becoming a regular play-by-play man in the major leagues and much less one for the Hall of Fame,鈥?Ram铆rez admitted. 鈥淏ut those were incredible surprises for me and the amount of friends that have always encouraged me. It’s something that I have to consider as something that has been a great part of my life and that has really helped me do things within (broadcasting),鈥?he added. Ram铆rez along with Los Angeles Dodgers longtime Spanish radio announcer are the only two Latino’s whose plaques grace baseball’s museum in Cooperstown, N.Y for their contributions as [url=]new nike nfl jerseys[/url] broadcasters. Inducted in the summer of 2001, Ram铆rez thought that congratulatory phone call was nothing but a friendly hoax from one of his longtime buddies. 鈥淲ell when they called me to tell me (of the induction) I thought it was one of [url=]Revis Green Jerseys[/url] my friends playing a prank because it was absolutely incredible. It was really great. It was the surprise of my life,鈥?recalled Ram铆rez The only low point of his success has been being away from his family all the time. 鈥淚t’s the worse thing that can happen to one. Family is family. It’s something that I’ve had to suffer carrying inside me.鈥? Baseball isn’t the only thing Ram铆rez is remembered for. His biggest fans and most loyal listeners can remember him call some of boxing’s biggest fights. 鈥淚 think there are a lot of people that have closely followed my career believe that I describe boxing better than baseball. 鈥?All of the great fights that were part of the journey when the real boxing greats paraded,” he said. “(Muhammad) Ali and all of those great boxers 鈥?I had immense pleasure of transmitting those fights right from ringside fully enjoying it.” This season Ram铆rez has been apart of a long and trying season for the Miami Marlins, who have had arguably the most disappointing season in baseball this year. But even though he’s had a front row seat to baseball history for almost 70 years, the game still manages to surprise him every once in a while. Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton’s home run hitting power has impressed him. His power ‘reminds me of the great Mickey Mantle,’ Ramirez said. Losing season or not, Ram铆rez can’t wait until the home plate umpire yells ‘play ball’ on Opening Day next season. After all, he said, 鈥淏aseball is my life.鈥? Follow us on
    Like us at Adry Torres, who has covered MLB, NFL, NBA and NCAA basketball games and related events, is a regular contributor to Fox News Latino. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter:   Follow us on
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    It didn t take long Thursday for wide receiver Roddy White to put to rest any concerns about his ability [url=]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] to suit up in New Orleans for Sunday s season opener. In his first appearance in front of the media since injuring his ankle in the preseason, White was emphatic that he will play in Sunday s game. I don t give out the injury report 鈥?Smitty (head coach Mike Smith) does. You know, come Sunday, I ll be ready to go, White said in front of his locker Thursday. My adrenaline will be pumping. It s football. Once you get out there, you ve gotta just go [url=]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] play. White owns an impressive streak of playing in all 128 games of his eight-year career and it doesn t look like that s going to come to an end. White injured his [url=]New NFL Jerseys[/url] ankle against Baltimore in the second preseason game of 2013 and had been held out of practice since Wednesday. He returned to practice in a limited role Wednesday and that White would be available for Sunday s game. White showed that same confidence Thursday as he addressed the media. I never thought about (the streak) really. You just go out there and football players play football, so you don t think about whether you re going to miss a game or you re not going to play and things like that, White said. When you have the opportunity to play, you just play. I never really [url=]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] thought about the streak until everybody else started talking about it. You just do what you ve gotta do and get yourself ready to play. I m 100 percent certain I ll be out there on Sunday.

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